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MPS Power Plant

Energy production plants composed of groups of generators located in modular containers engineered to work in the most adverse conditions. These plants are designed and built to be installed in remote areas such as islands, mountainous or deserts, in zone where normally electricity is not supplied by the main networks. Complete with accessories and state-of-the-art technology, Margen’s plants are easy to install and manage, also providing the user with all possible solutions to ensure an always reliable service. MPS Power Plant production systems are made with internal diesel or natural gas combustion engines and can be integrated with thermal energy recovery systems to improve the efficiency of the plant. MPS systems are equipped with remote control solutions to allow the management of the entire panel from a remote location with the ability to automatically adjust the power required by the user and the scheduled maintenance. Margen’s technicians provide the support necessary for commissioning, activation of the plant and periodical training for the client’s personnel.

MPS POWER PLANT systems are rigorously and precisely designed and manufactured by Margen focusing on the smallest details, starting from the production of the container, the internal mechanical and electrical set-up, up to the more thorough tests and inspections

MPS Power Plant
MPS Power Plant
MPS Power Plant solutions supply containers equipped for the distribution of electrical energy or for other support activities.

Margen develops its own projects using of 3D models that provide a realistic preview to the customer and facilitate the manufacturing department during the construction stage.

Low and medium voltage solutions

Frequencies of 50 - 60Hz

Power up to tens of MW with various units in parallel

Parallel management with the main network

Quick and economic installation

Soundproof containers with possible solutions for residential environments

Compact systems to allow for the transport and positioning in disadvantaged areas

Direct assistance for commissioning and training client personnel
MPS Power Plant

MPS Power Plant