Updated to 06/10/2022



MPS Short Break

MPS Short Break help provide alternative energy at almost zero times in the absence of the main network. The use of such dynamic systems is particularly used in airports, hospitals and computer centres, but the absence of batteries, for use only in case of emergency, significantly reduces reliability problems.

Dynamic Systems capable of instantly supplying particularly delicate loads and loads with unlimited autonomy, in which a high reliability is required

The system consists of an electric motor that keeps rotating at nominal frequency, the main alternator and an appropriately sized flywheel. In case of interruption of the main line, the switching system immediately causes (no more than 100-120 msec) the alternator to become the main source of energy because it is fed directly to the flywheel that also allows, through the kinetic residue, immediate operation of the diesel engine that is coupled to the alternator through electrodynamic coupling. Power is available from 400 to 1600 kVA with a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

MPS Short Break