Updated to 06/10/2022



MPS Storage

MPS Storage systems are integrated stations able to store electricity and subsequently deliver it under the conditions required by the user. Such systems work in parallel to the main energy source and are capable of absorbing electricity when production is higher than use, and then returns it when the user’s energy demand is greater than production. With the use of the MPS Storage system it is possible to integrate different renewable energy sources and optimise the management of the energy flows. The combination with generators allows the entire system to work in isolation, therefore, making it an autonomous station and optimised for the production of energy.


MPS Storage

Peak shaving and peak-shifting

Emergency operation, in the absence of electrical network

Black start

Electrification of buildings or small settlements not supplied by the electric mains

Improving the quality of network parameters: harmonic content, voltage, frequency, power factor

Optimisation of the fuel consumption of power generators

Integration of different energy sources
MPS Storage

MPS Storage


- Generator set representing the main source of energy.
- Bi-directional inverter capable of charging and discharging batteries depending on the imbalance between production and use of electrical energy.
- Batteries: lithium solutions are ideal because they have high energy density, allow a high number of charge-discharge cycles, do not have memory effect and allow high currents, even 5 times higher than the nominal battery. However, it is possible to use accumulators more suitable for the specific application of the system.
- Generator sets perform prime power functions. Also in this case, it is possible to integrate with alternative energy sources. The generator has a power level that is generally triple compared to the power of the inverter used. The generator set is also fitted with a parallel control board and frequency electronic regulator.
- Container made specifically for this application to install all components. The container can also integrate any power centre requested by the customer.
- A control system for the management of energy flows, the temperature controls: it can also have remote supervision of the system with the possibility of remote management and remote control.

The use of such systems is particularly indicated in:
-Villages, inhabited centres located in remote areas not served by the main electricity networks, in which the generation is entrusted to one or more generators. MPS Storage enables to rationalise the use of machines, ensuring operation of optimum power with low consumption and high efficiency.
- In applications where continuous integrations of power, peak shaving, is required without this oversize main power generators, maintaining and optimising performance.
- Mines and small remote industrial centres where there are large variations in power that the MPS Storage enables to supply to the bidirectional inverter.