Обновлено до à 21/12/2023

21.12.2023 - Recharges for the electric buses

A new project has been successfully completed: the system supplied to TPER is intended to provide recharges for the electric buses dedicated to the city of Bologna and is used for emergency situations or for scheduled activities on lines remote from the main site, which therefore require periodic recharging at the place of action.

It has been designed considering two 20-foot containers: in the main one there is a Toshiba brand battery pack (300 kWh) with its BMS and the charge/discharge energy conversion system designed by E2C, in addition the recharging column with a maximum 150 kW plug is installed, and finally the control panel with external access for operator use.

In the second container, Slave, there is a further battery pack, also 300 kWh, with related electronic equipment for connection to the Master.

The equipment is completed by an air-conditioning system, dampers, an automatic aerosol shut-off system and various accessories.